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Our Story

BABINDA SPRINGS is our modern, state of the art, spring water bottling plant located in Babinda, far North Queensland. Our bottling plant is directly over our Spring which is the water source for all our products. Our spring goes 32m deep into the earth, through thick layers of dense granite, directly into what we call the Babinda Valley Aquifer. This means the water you drink is absolutely pristine; direct from the aquifer into our bottle.

Taste the Purity, You'll Love It.

Babinda Springs products are 100% totally natural, Pure Spring Water, bottled directly from our onsite Spring. We believe that our Spring Water is the finest, purest, most pristine Spring Water in Australia. Furthermore, try it, it tastes much better than the more expensive imported European Spring Water brands. We are no longer surprised by our customers glowing taste test comments.

We are so confident you’ll love our water that we provide a money back guarantee!

Give us a go. Try Australia’s Best Spring Water.